Racing will take place
Sunday 7th July 2019
between 11am and 6pm

Seaton Crit course

Seaton Town Centre races are the centre piece of the Seaton Cycle Fest, which is a day long series of activities for everyone.

Racing is on a 1 km circuit that combines the long, fast but exposed seafront Esplanade passing through the finish, before the sharp ascent of Castle Hill and tricky technical descent of Sea Hill before heading back through town to the Esplanade again.

Race and Riding Schedule

All Cycle Races start at the Seafront


9.30   – 10.30    Let’s Ride – around the race-course starting on the esplanade.
                             presented by British Cycling Let’s Ride team

11.00 – 11.20      Youth U10/12s presented by Colyford Cycles

                             Festival Market opens at Thury Harcourt

                             GO RIDE cycle training opens at Thury Harcourt presented by British Cycling GO Ride team


11.35 – 12.20     Veterans (40+/50+) presented by Colyford Cycles

12.35 – 13.05    Youth U14  presented by Colyford Cycles

13.20 – 14.05   Men’s 3/4 presented by Fortnam Smith & Banwell

14.20 -14.30     Youth U8s Esplanade Only presented by Colyford Cycles

14.45 – 15.30    Womens' Race  presented by East Devon Sports Therapy

15.45 – 16.25     Youth U16  presented by Colyford Cycles

16.30                  Festival Market closes

16.40 – 17.40    FSB Grand Prix Mens E/1/2/3 (1 hour) presented by Fortnam Smith & Banwell


George Fowler - winner of 2016 men’s elite race

So, we weren’t too lucky with the weather last year, but that aside, did you enjoy the crit race?

 Yes i really enjoyed the crit race, i thought it had a great atmosphere and a very well run event.


What did you like about the course?

 I especially liked the climb on the course which really broke the field up and made for interesting racing thats for sure.  Also the tight technical corners and long straights so it had bait of everything to suit all types of riders. 


How many race like this do you do in a season, and how does the Seaton event compare?


Well last year this was one of the only town centre criteriums i did but having experienced London nocturne in the past I thought this was very well run and really could see it getting bigger and bigger each year especially with the infrastructure that was there, I cant see any reason why this shouldn't be a tour series events in years to come.  


What would you like to see done differently this time around?

Not really sure there is too much that can be changed about the course, and the way it was run was brilliant. Just… if you could book the sunshine in for this year that would be great!

Lauren Dolan - winner of 2016 women’s elite race

Did you enjoy the crit race?

The weather didn't seem to have that much of an effect on my race. If anything it made the race better by making it slightly tougher due to the wind along the seafront. I thoroughly enjoyed the race.


What did you like about the course?

I loved the small climb after the finish line, it gave me the opportunity to really split the race up and make it hard.


Did you feel like the town welcomed the riders and the event?

Yes I did. I didn't hear any complaints of the locals moaning about road closures etc. If anything they were very supportive. At the end of the day, they would have been the ones benefiting from the cyclists i.e. Buying food or drink in local takeaways


Are you coming back?

I would love to come back to race. It's just a case of if I'm in the country at the time!